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Bitcoin struck by $2.7 billion futures liquidation frenzy: What occurs next?

Over $2.7 billion worth of futures contracts got liquidated in the last 24 hr, based on data from This triggered the cost of Bitcoin (BTC) to see a big drop in a brief time frame as it plunged from over $41,000 to sub-$ 32,600.

BTC/USDT 4-hour cost chart (Binance). Source:
Why would mass liquidations trigger Bitcoin to drop?
In the futures market, liquidations of positions occur due to the fact that traders are borrowing extra capital to trade with larger positions.
Exchanges in the Bitcoin futures market generally offer up to 100x leverage. This permits traders to borrow 100 times of their initial capital to trade BTC.
The downside of take advantage of is that when the rate of Bitcoin sees a small drop, it can cause a position to get liquidated, or be worthless.
Liquidated long on XBTUSD: Sell 1,235,411 @ 34710.5 ~ Multi kill ~ If you can evade a liquidation you can evade anything
— REKT (@BXRekt) January 11, 2021
For example, lets say a trader utilizes 10x leverage and borrows 10 times of his capital to purchase Bitcoin at $40,000. The position would get liquidated if the cost drops 10% to $36,000.
When a long position gets liquidated, the position is then offered to the market. If the majority of the market is yearning Bitcoin and long contracts begin to get liquidated, it develops huge selling pressure.
On Jan. 11, the Bitcoin market saw a massive long capture set off by large sell orders on Coinbase. As whales or high-net-worth investors offered, it triggered lots of long contracts to get liquidated in a matter of hours.
The successive liquidations caused a cause and effect, leading to a high sell-off and a 16% correction.
One positive indication is that the correction came to an end at around $32,700, which Whalemap experts explained as a whale cluster assistance area.
When the whales buy Bitcoin at a particular level and do not move them, a whale cluster forms. This level typically turns into an assistance area because whales are likely to double down on their entries if a major dip takes place and the price of BTC hangs back to that level.

Bitcoin whale clusters anticipated enormous drop. Source: Whalemap
What takes place next?
Bitcoin saw a large drop, the general market belief around BTC stays normally optimistic.
As Cointelegraph reported, Elias Simos, a procedure specialist at Bison Trails, pinpointed that the variety of whales really increased after Bitcoin saw a huge rate drop.
The pattern shows that whales were actually building up as the waterfall of liquidations took place, which is favorable. Simos composed:
” Addresses with more than 1k $BTC continue growing at the cost of all others– even as this latest downturn is working. While you were offering, whales were demolishing your Bitcoin.”
Analysts at Glassnode, an on-chain analytics firm, discussed that the fundamentals of Bitcoin stay undamaged regardless of the drop. They stressed that the Bitcoin networks hash rate and mining trouble are still at all-time highs. The experts kept in mind:
” While $BTC dipped in value today, on-chain fundamentals remain strong, pointing to a healthy network. #Bitcoin mining difficulty and hash rate are at ATHs.”
While this existing 15% -25% is the most significant pullback for this bull cycle to date, its worth keeping in mind that various 30% corrections occurred during Bitcoins 2017 bull cycle.
As Cointelegraph reported previously, the existing BTC price pullback coincides with a prospective bottom formation of the Dollar Strength Index.
Title: Bitcoin hit by $2.7 billion futures liquidation craze: What occurs next?
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